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How to Encrypt Data on My Android Phone

Encrypting phone data can effectively stop other people from viewing and stealing your significant and sensitive information, which reduces your loss to a certain extent. And currently, there are many methods to encrypt Android phone data for you option, such as setting pattern lock, creating PIN lock, setting password, using professional encryption software, etc. Moreover, this article will illustrate them one by one for your better reference.

4 methods to encrypt data on my Android phone:

Way 1: Set a pattern lock.

For example, the steps to set a pattern lock on Samsung Galaxy Gio GT-S5660 are as below.

Step 1: Enter Settings.

Step 2: Choose Location and security.

Step 3: Select Set screen lock.

Step 4: Click Pattern to go on.

Step 5: Draw a pattern which connects at least 4 dots and click Continue.

Step 6: Re-draw the pattern and tap Confirm.

Way 2: Create a PIN lock.

The steps to create a PIN on Samsung GT-S5660 are as follows.

Step 1: Open Settings, access Location and security and choose Set screen lock.

Step 2: Select PIN to begin creating it.

Step 3: Set a 4-digit PIN and click Continue.

Step 4: Re-enter the PIN and tap OK.

Way 3: Set a password.

For more info, you can refer to How to Set A Password to My Android Phone.

Way 4: Use professional Android phone data encryption software.

Without phone data encryption software, it seems impossible for you to directly encrypt the files in your phone. Therefore, if you would like to directly encrypt your phone files, you have to download a specialized Android phone data encryption app (e.g. Encryption Manager Lite, Safe Gallery Freeā€¦) and use it to achieve your goal.

After reading, you are strongly recommended to choose any of the above methods to encrypt the data in your Android phone ASAP.

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