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Find and Get Excel Worksheet Original Password - Recover Excel Password

During your daily work, whether have you encountered such situations?

  1. In order to protect Excel worksheet from being edit or read by others or yourself carelessly, you can set a password for protecting worksheet. But unfortunately, after a long time, the excel protected password was forgotten and couldn't be reminded of. What should you do?
  2. Sometimes you download an important excel file from Internet, and you can't wait to open and read, even edit it. But it has added protected password by author, at this moment, how can you do?

Excel worksheet protected with password

In fact, as long as you follow the below steps, locked excel worksheet password can be recovered soon, and no data damage or loss.

Now it is the detailed introduction about every step to recover excel password.

Step 1: Install Excel Password Genius on your computer.

Search Excel Password Genius on Internet and open link to download official excel password recovery software. Or click next button to download trial version and install it on your computer.

.excel password recovery free download

Step 2: Import Password Protected Excel Worksheet.

Run Excel Password Genius, click Open to import password protected excel file. You can see it listed in the Encrypted File box.

open protected excel worksheet

Step 3: Choose Appropriate Password Attack Type.

From the drop-down box of Type of attack, you can see there are four password attacks for choice, Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart.

If you don’t know about password, Brute-force is the best choice. If the password for excel worksheet is set by you, and you remember a part of it, choosing Mask and setting "Mask" option would save excel password recovery time. Or choose Dictionary if unknown excel worksheet password tends to be regular.

Step 4: Set Parameters for Password Attack Type.

For example, if you choose Brute-force, Range, Length is needed to be set.

Step 5: Recover/Crack Excel Worksheet Password.

Click Start to begin excel password recovery after all the above steps done. On the Status Window, you can see excel password recovery progress clearly. When the progress completes, a new window will pop up.

Excel password crack progress

Step 6: Copy Excel Password and Open Password Protected Worksheet.

Excel password appears on the new pop-up window. Now Copy Excel password to store or Open password protected worksheet becomes available.

successfully recovery Excel password

So far, excel password recovery has finished. Do what you want on excel worksheet, such as, open or modify excel worksheet.

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