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Compare iOS Recovery Mode to DFU Mode in Three Aspects

Recovery mode and DFU mode are two common but important modes designed in iOS devices. Maybe you have experienced such moments when your device is stuck in recovery mode or DFU mode. But you couldn’t put iPhone/iPod/iPad out of recovery mode or DFU mode.

Now in this passage, we will introduce recovery mode and DFU mode in three aspects, including what they are, what they can do and how to enter/exit recovery mode/DFU mode. For full understanding the two modes and making full use iOS device, let’s go on to read.

compare difference between recovery mode and DFU mode

Part 1: What Recovery Mode and DFU Mode Are?

Recovery mode is an effective way for iOS users to restore device to current version or make device go back to early backup point. When your device is in recovery mode, you can see the iTunes logo and icon of USB cable appear at the same time on device screen.

DFU mode is a way for upgrading or downgrading firmware. It is short for Device Firmware update mode. When your device is in DFU mode, the device screen will be totally black.

Part 2: What Recovery Mode and DFU Mode Can Do?

Recovery mode allows users to restore iOS device to original factory settings, but iOS and firmware are not updated. After entering recovery mode to factory reset device, all contents including apps, messages, photos, music, and other data save on device will be effected even lost.

DFU mode can allows iOS users to change and choose the firmware to install onto iPhone/iPad/iPod. It can fix a lot of problems, such as iDevice stuck in the silver Apple logo, device stuck in a continuous restart loop etc.

Part 3: How to Enter/Exit Recovery Mode or DFU Mode?

How to Enter or Exit Recovery Mode

There are two ways for you to enter or exit recovery mode, the standard method or iOSBoot Genius.

Now see the general standard method to enter or exit iOS device recovery mode. Take iPad as example.

buttons for enter recovery mode and DFU mode

Steps to enter idevice recovery mode:

  1. 1. Leave one side of USB cable connected to your computer and launch iTunes.
  2. 2. Shut off iPad by pressing Home and Power button at the same time.
  3. 3. Keep Home button pressed, and connect iPad with USB cable. Then iPad turns on and appears in iTunes.
  4. 4. Do not release Home button until a message from iTunes prompts you that iPad device is detected in iTunes.

enter iOS recovery mode with Home and Power button

Steps to exit idevice recovery mode:

  1. 1. Press Home + Power button to turn off iPad.
  2. 2. Press Power button to boot the iPad.

If you want to enter or exit recovery mode easier even with one-click, iOSBoot Genius can help you.

How to get iOS device in or out of DFU mode

DFU mode is not the same as recovery mode. DFU mode bypasses the current OS installed and allows you to upgrade or downgrade your OS. If you are getting errors trying to restore in iTunes, DFU mode is very likely for you.

Steps to enter DFU mode:

  1. 1. Hold on Power button for about 4 secs.
  2. 2. Hold on Power button continuously together with Home button for about 15 secs.
  3. 3. Release the Power button but continue to hold on Home button for about 10 secs.

Then, your device will prompt you that "Connect to iTunes Screen".

Steps to exit DFU mode:

  1. 1. Hold down the Power and Home button together.
  2. 2. In few seconds, the Apple logo appears and iPhone/iPad/iPod boot.

Your device is out of DFU mode. If there is something wrong with your device, you may need to restore it using iTunes.

Now, whether would you have a question about conversion between DFU mode and recovery mode? For example, how to change iOS device from DFU mode to recovery mode?

Step 1: Put the device into DFU mode.

Step 2: Plug device into your computer and open iTunes. It will either prompt to restore and update or you can restore using the following steps.

But before restoration, please verify that you are using the latest version of iTunes, back up your device and transfer and sync content to your computer.

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