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How to Add and Delete Alarm in iPhone 6/iPad 2/iOS 8

The article respectively illustrates how to add and delete alarm in iPhone 6 or iPad 2 with iOS 8.

Part 1: Add alarm in iPhone 6/iPad 2/iOS 8

Step 1: Click Clock on the home screen.

Step 2: Select Alarm on the bottom, and tap the top-right plus sign (i.e. +).

Step 3: Manually set the time of the alarm.

Step 4: Make changes to other settings of the alarm.

1. If you want to set alarm repeat schedule, choose Repeat, select options from Every Sunday to Every Saturday, and hit Back.

2. To label the alarm, select Label, type a name and tap Back.

3. To change the sound of the alarm, click Sound, choose a song or a ringtone and hit Back.

4. Tap Snooze to switch it off or on.

Step 5: Click Save on the top right to save all settings.

Part 2: Delete alarm in iPhone 6/iPad 2/iOS 8

Step 1: Open Clock from the home screen.

Step 2: Tap the top-left Edit button, click the red circle with a minus sign (i.e. -) and choose Delete.

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