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How to Export iPad/iPhone Message from iTunes Backup

There must be many people wanting to view or see what is in iPhone iTunes backup, because backup process generally completes automatically. And backup is saved in types we can’t easily recognize. So we couldn’t see the detailed information about it naturally. Hence, a tool which can help us to view them, will be important, especially before we want to restore iPhone from backup. At least, we have to know that what the main contents are we will restore.

Actually, many programs have been designed to do it, exporting iPhone contents from backup or even export contents from iPhone. But it will probably bring some troublesome to you at the same time. Or if you don’t want to jailbreak iPhone in order to transfer iPhone text messages etc to computer, then an effective and safe tool is necessary.

So in the following passage one way will be introduced to easily and safely export iPhone text messages from backup to computer.

Export iPhone/iPad SMS from iTunes Backup with iTwin

iTwin is a free and effective tool which can export iPhone message/contacts/calendar/notes/birthdays from iTunes backup in Windows computer.

Step 1: Install iTwin in your Windows computer and run it.

Step 2: Set screen language.

iTwin’s default language is German. So in order to make it easy to use, we had better change its language to be English.

Now you can scan the iPhone message, contacts etc in this program in English. And then decide which ones are the options you wish to get from backup on computer.

iTwin screen language settings

Step 3: "Import" settings.

Click Import menu, and set import database information, including device and backup.

Set the imported device. Its name is iPhone or iPad name you have set. Then choose one backup you have created. But now you can see the latest iPad backup is shown in iTwin automatically.

imported ipad and iTunes backup settings

Step 4: "Export" settings.

Click "Export" menu. This menu is available to set what you want to export from iTunes backup. Choose content and set its type. And then click Save as button to save it in computer. For example, SMS can be saved in HTML or TXT format.

export iPhone or iPad SMS from iTunes backup

That's no doubt that the above way can be used to export iPhone or iPad contents from encrypted or unencrypted backup directly. But if you just want to see the iPhone contents in backup, you can also get iTunes backup to restore iPhone, and then all the backup data will be seen in iPhone as well. At this moment, if you are confused with backup encryption problem, take iTunes Password Genius to solve it.

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