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Turn on Find My iPhone for Antitheft and Data Protection

No one wants his or her iPhone to be stolen or lost since there are many important apps storing their private information such as email address, online bank account, etc. However, to prevent the loss at the most extent, it is strongly recommended to turn on Find My iPhone in advance which allows you to locate, lock or erase your iPhone when it is unfortunately lost or stolen. Meanwhile, this article shows you how to turn it on in detail.

Steps to turn on Find My iPhone in iPhone:

Step 1: Turn on Find My iPhone in Location Services.

This step can be further divided into the following three procedures.

1. Access Settings, choose Privacy and select Location Services.

2. Turn on Local Services and choose Find My iPhone.

3. Turn on Find My iPhone.

Step 2: Turn on Find My iPhone in iCloud.

For more info, please refer to the two procedures below.

1. Enter Settings, tap iCloud and select Find My iPhone.

2. Turn on Find My iPhone.

FYI, after turning on this function, you are able to log in your iCloud from another iOS device, and use it to locate your iPhone. Besides, you can enable the "Lost Mode" to lock your iPhone with the preset passcode or a newly-created password, or choose "Erase iPhone" to delete all your phone data.

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