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How to Remove Office Password

Here we recommend an easy utility to remove Office password. It is professional in removing MS Word and Excel password. Support *.doc and *.xls files. Next we will take removing Word password as example. The following guide is about how to remove MS Word file password.

Guide: Remove Office Password step by step

With this tutorial, you can easily and quickly remove Word and Excel files password.

Step 1: Download, Install and Run

Click the following button to download and follow installation wizard to install the Office Password Remover on your PC, then run it.

office password remover free download

Note: Only decrypt first 10 rows of the Microsoft Excel documents and 200 characters of the Microsoft Word documents, protected with "open" password.

Step 2: Add encrypted Office file, Word or Excel file

1.Simply press the "Open" button( or select the "File | Open File" menu item ) and browse for the oppropriate file.

Then you will see encrypted Word file in the "File Name"

open encrypted Office file

Step 3: Remove Password

2. As shown in the image above, Click " Remove Password " start to remove Word file password. In the whole process, we should promise the program connects to the iSunshare sofeware Server, or keep connected to Internet.

ready for removing password

Step 4: Click "Open" button to open decrypted Word file

When you successfully remove lost password with iSunshare Office Password Remover, the dialog box  is displayed. If you click "Open" button, you can open the copy of target document directly.

successfully removed

As you can see, password remover is easy and fast to operate.

So don't hesitate and go ahead to download Office Password Remover, solve MS Word and Excel files password.

office password remover free download

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