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Ophcrack Windows 7 No Tables Found – How Should Do

Why Ophcrack could reset Windows 7 password? Because rainbow tables are included in Ophcrack, when it begins to reset Windows password, tables should appear. But now no tables are found during Windows 7 password reset with Ophcrack, how should do?

Follow the below to do:

  1. Check whether there are tables directory in Windows 7 boot ophcrack CD
  2. Get the tables from Ophcrack website, load them onto a USB and run them from there
  3. Change to use other more guaranteed Windows password recovery tool

1. Check whether there are tables directory in Windows 7 boot ophcrack CD

Actually, after you burned Ophcrack ISO file into CD, two directories have to be verified stored on the CD, boot and tables. If one of them is not there, Windows password would not be reset with Ophcrack.

ophcrack disc directory

2. Get the rainbow tables from Ophcrack website

If you couldn’t find tables in Ophcrack boot disc, get rainbow tables from Ophcrack website. Load them onto a USB and run them from there.

get rainbow tables for windows password reset

There are different kinds of rainbow tables provided by Ophcrack, free or needed to pay. Choose the one available for your computer. And download it directly or buy it. From the password recovery success rate of rainbow tables, we could see not all of rainbow tables could reset any kind of Windows password at any time. Its recovery rate is between 96% and 99.9%.

3. Switch to use other guaranteed Windows Password Recovery Tool

Ophcrack is one of best free Windows password recovery tools. But the disadvantages of Ophcrack, low password recovery success rate and inadaptability on all of Windows operational systems, affect Windows password recovery. For example, Windows password could not be reset because of no tables found in disc. However, there are some other effective password recovery tools not the same.

So switch to use another tool guaranteed for Windows password reset is a smart choice.  For example, Windows Password Genius is such password recovery tool for password recovery on all of Windows operating systems.

You can take it to create password reset disk with bootable USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM. And then insert password reset disk into your locked computer, and set computer from it. Then select user account on Windows password recovery program screen, reset password just with one click.

So if you want to reset Windows password effectively, safely and easily, please remember to create a password reset disk, create more administrators when your computer is accessible now. Otherwise, when you locked out of Windows computer, not all of password recovery tools could get the same effect like Windows Password Genius.

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