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How to Reset Windows 8 password with Password Genius

“I got a brand new Windows 8 machine recently and installed the operating system acquiescently. And I set password for administrator. But today I suddenly forgot administrator password. I have already tried to remember forgotten password and tried all the possible password combinations of capitals, lowercase and number. However, it still can’t work. “

Many people would be confronted with this problem. Maybe you reset Windows 8 password with another administrator password, but Windows with some administrators is not common. Most people still keep the thought that I would never forget or lose password forever or don’t feel like to remember or backup password because of troublesome what they think. So it had better have an all-round way for resetting Windows password regardless of the password complexity and encryption method. Password Genius is such all-round software, which not only resets Windows password for Windows 8/7, but also removes restrictions on office files and recover SQL or Access database. Now let’s see how it works.

1. Download Password Genius from website and install on any accessible computer. Launch it.

2. Choose “Remove Windows administrator and user passwords
On the opening screen, you can see three options for your choice.
Recover Passwords for Files and Archives – Password Genius for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, RAR, ZIP, PDF
Recover Passwords for Databases – Password Genius for Access/SQL Server database
Remove Windows administrator and user passwords – Reset Windows password to be empty

3. Windows Password Rescuer appears, Click it and begin Windows password reset process.

4. Insert USB device into computer and Click “Begin burning” to create USB password reset disk.

5. Insert bootable USB into locked computer, and set computer to boot from USB.

6. Reset Windows password screen appears, choose Windows and target user you want to reset its password.

7. Click “Yes” or “Reboot” to restart computer.

8. Now, you can login your computer without any password required.

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