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Why Password Genius Demanded

Once for convenience, I have set same password for Windows OS, Office files, database files and compressed files. Once unfortunately, I forgot the password one day. We almost may be confronted with the same problem in our daily life. But we still make same mistakes over and over. Sometimes the mistakes are serious but sometimes it’s all right if you could find out the right way. And Password Genius gives us this opportunity to make it right.

But why we need Password Genius in reality?

First, Recover almost all the Windows and files password we usually use

Second, Get away from all password forgotten problem.
If you feel good, keep one in hand, you will get out of troublesome password problem.

Third, Password Genius worth having because of its moderate price.

Therefore , it applies to majority of people especially white collars or person who works in office.

Is it attractive? If you want to have a try, download it from Password Genius

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