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How to Get Windows Server 2008(R2) Product ID

How to get Windows Server 2008 PID?

Sometimes Product ID is recognized as product key. So someone always looks for ways to find product ID like looking for product keys. However, they are not the same.

A PID is created after a product is successfully installed, while product key is the unique combination of numbers and letters that is used during Microsoft software installation to open the product.

Windows operational system provides us two ways to get Windows current Windows version Product ID manually. But we can’t find product key with these ways.

Way 1: Get Windows Server 2008 PID by Shortcuts

1. Press the Windows key and the Pause key at the same time.

2. Under the Windows Activation section of the page, the Product ID (PID) is a 20 digit number next to Product ID.

Way 2: Get Windows Server 2008 Product ID by Control Panel

1. Click Start and then click Control Panel.

2. In the Category View, click System and Security, and then click System. In the Classic View, double-click System.

3. Under the Windows Activation section of the page, the Product ID (PID) is a 20 digit number next to Product ID.

get Windows Server 2008 (R2) PID manually

This is the method for computer user to locate Windows Server 2008 product ID manually in Windows system, not by another tool or with others’ help.

Way 3: Get Windows Server 2008 PID with Product Key Finder

However, if there is one tool helping to find Windows Server 2008 product ID automatically, would it be better? If there is one, surely it would be best.

So why not take iSunshare Product Key Finder to have a try. Search it in Google, and you would find that it is useful to find Product ID and product key at the same time in short time. Especially you just need to click one button, and then Windows server 2008 product ID would be found by this Product Key Finder tool.

1. Download and install iSunshare Product Key Finder on Windows server 2008 computer.

2. Run it and click "Start Recovery" button.

PIDs and product keys of Windows server 2008 and other software like Microsoft Office etc, would be listed in Product Key Finder tool instantly.

get Windows Server 2008(R2) PID automatically

In summary, there are two methods to get Windows Server 2008 product ID.

Tips: Maybe you have found product key of Windows Server 2008 is not displayed fully, because this is just iSunshare Product Key Finder trial version. If you want to get full product keys, you should download the full version.

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