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2 Ways to Pin Programs to Start Menu on Windows 10

How can you quickly access the programs you use most frequently on your Windows 10 PC? Pinning them to the Start Menu could be a good choice, and this article illustrates two simple methods to realize it for your reference.

2 ways to pin programs to Start Menu on Windows 10:

Way 1: Pin a program to Start Menu via the program itself.

Step 1: Press Windows+F to open the search box in Start Menu, type a program name (e.g. control panel) in the empty box and find it from the result.

Step 2: Right-click the program and select Pin to Start in the pop-up list.

As the following picture shows, the program has been pinned to the Start Menu.

Way 2: Pin programs to Start Menu in Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.

Step 1: Right-tap any blank area on taskbar and choose Properties.

Step 2: Select Start Menu and tap Customize.

Step 3: Choose programs from the options listed and click OK.

For example, if Control Panel is chosen, it will be pinned to the Start list, as shown in the screen shot below.

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