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How to Change Start Menu Color and Background in Windows 10

Comparing the following two pictures of Windows 10 Start Menu, you can conclude that the color and background of Start Menu can be changed. If you are interested in the method to realize this conclusion, this article will illustrate it in detail.

Pic. 1

Pic. 2

Steps to change Start Menu color and background in Windows 10:

Step 1: Press Windows+C to open the Charms Menu, and choose Search to open the Search panel.

Step 2: Type start menu color in the blank box and select Change the background and colors on Start.

Step 3: As the Color and Appearance window turns up, choose a color from the options provided, move the small scale to left or right to change color intensity if necessary, and then tap Save changes.

In brief, with the three steps, you can easily and quickly change the color and background of your Start Menu.

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