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Is There a Default Admin Password for Windows Server 2012 (R2)

"Is there a default password for Windows server 2012 r2?" This is a question asked naturally because there is one default administrator in previous Windows operational systems. But there is one in server 2012 r2 the same?

set default admin password for server 2012 r2

From the installation of Windows server 2012 r2 essentials, we should remember an administrator password is asked to be set, otherwise we couldn’t finish this operational system installation. Actually, it is default administrator built in Windows system, the password we set is default password used to login server before we create user account.

If we are careful in other Windows operational system installation process, we should know that built-in administrator is not asked to set default password. So even though when you forget user logon password in these Windows systems, you also could login into Windows with default administrator, as long as the built-in administrator has been enabled. But it’s not the same for Windows server 2012 R2. Default administrator and password had better be saved in safe place.

Having said so much about whether there is default password in Windows server 2012 r2, what does it can do for us or server computer actually?

According to operation experience in other Windows system, we may realize lots of programs have to be run with admin privileges. However, it is always ignored even forgotten by computer users because they run computer and programs usually with other local administrator user accounts becaus of system and data security problem.

But, in a word, Windows server 2012 r2 default administrator and password still could help us to do:

  1. Provides us admin privileges to run some programs in Windows computer or server.
  2. Login into Windows server when we forget other user account password.

login into windows server with default administrator

On the Windows server 2012 R2 logon screen, click the arrow on the left side of account image, and choose “Other users”. Select default administrator, and type in default password to sign in to Windows server 2012 R2. And then you could reset Windows server 2012 R2 password with command or in Control Panel.

Also we could say that administrator in domain controller or PC has the highest privileges on server or computer, including but not only the privileges introduced above.

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