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Disable and Enable Windows Server 2012 Lock Screen

Windows lock screen is used to lock computer automatically for computer security. When you leave Windows server 2012 computer, lock Windows screen is usual measure to protect it from damaging.

If we want to set this for Windows server 2012, we have to create a power plan. Now there have been three kinds of power plans available in server 2012.

Now we take “Balanced” power plan as an example to show how to disable, enable Windows Server 2012 lock screen.

Part 1: Disable Windows server 2012 lock screen

1. Open Control Panel, click “Power Options” to choose or customize a power plan.

open windows server 2012 power options

2. In Preferred plans, choose “Balanced (recommended)”. And click "Change plan settings".

choose recommended power plan Balanced

3. In the “Edit Plan Settings” window, set a time to turn off the display. Choose “Never” in the “Turn off the display” drop-down box, and click “Save changes”.

disable lock screen in windows server 2012

Part 2: Enable Windows server 2012 lock screen

If you want to enable lock screen in Windows server 2012, just set a specify time in “Turn off the display” and save changes.

enable lock screen in windows server 2012

Besides, there is a common way to lock Windows screen with combination key.

Step 1: Press “Ctrl + Alt + Del” and select “Lock”.

lock windows 2012 screen

Step 2: And then you would see Windows server 2012 lock screen.

turn off windows server 2012 lock screen

Step 3: When you want to access Windows server again, press “Ctrl + Alt + Del” and type password to login.

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