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How to Reset Windows 8 Microsoft Account Password

Forgot Windows 8/8.1 Microsoft account password? Is Microsoft account the only user for your Windows 8 computer logon? If it is, reset Microsoft account password Windows 8 will be necessary and important. Fortunately, there are two different ways that can reset Windows 8/8.1 Microsoft account forgotten password online or offline.

  1. Way 1: Windows 8 Microsoft account password reset online
  2. Way 2: Reset Windows Microsoft account password offline

Way 1: Reset forgotten Microsoft account password on Microsoft account password reset online page

This way to reset Microsoft account password online is free but would take several minutes, and require Internet.

When microsoft account password forgot, open Microsoft account password reset page, choose "I forgot my password" and click Next to reset forgotten microsoft account password for Windows 8.

forgot microsoft account password windows 8

Step 1: Confirm what email address you are using for Microsoft account. And you want to reset password for Microsoft account.

Step 2: Type your email address in Microsoft account box. Then enter serials of characters for security. Click Next.

confirm microsoft account email account

Step 3: On the next screen, it’s time to choose a way to get security code.

If you have connected your Microsoft account to your phone, you would see there is an option "Send a code to my phone". If not, choose either Email account or "I don’t have any of these". For example, check "Email account" enter email account again. Then click Send code.

verify microsoft account to get security code

If the email account you enter matches the email address on your account, you will receive an email with a code from Microsoft.

Step 4: Check your email and enter security code. Click Next.

verify microsoft account with security code

Step 5: In the New Password field, and again in the Reenter password field, enter the new password you would like to use for your Microsoft account. Click Next and wait for it become useful.

reset microsoft account password windows 8

confirm windows 8 microsoft account password reset

Step 6: Sign in on the next page or sign in Windows 8 with your newly reset password.

sign in windows 8 with microsoft account and reset password

If you have reset Microsoft account password, surely you can login Windows 8 computer now with it and its new password when computer is connected to Internet. However, if there is no internet connection when your Windows 8 microsoft account password forgot or lost, the above way provided by Microsoft would not help you. You could only find another way that can work on local computer without Internet connection, such as third-party password recovery tool.

Way 2: Reset Windows Microsoft account password offline with password reset tool

When you forgot Windows 8 Microsoft account password, and there is no Internet, Windows Password Genius Advanced will be an effective password recovery tool for Microsoft account password reset. Besides, your Windows local user and admin password can be reset with it.

Step 1: Prepare Windows Password Genius advanced, accessible computer and bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM. (Only Windows Password Genius Advanced edition can reset Microsoft account password)

Step 2: Insert prepared USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM into computer. When Windows Password Genius Advanced detects plugged device, choose USB device or CD/DVD as media type to create password reset disk.

run windows 8 microsoft account password reset tool

Step 3: Browse and select inserted device in the drop-down list. Then click "Begin burning" button. When it is burned successfully, click OK and exit the removal device from accessible computer.

create microsoft account password reset disk

Step 4: Plug USB drive (CD/DVD-ROM) into locked Windows 8 computer, and set computer boot from it.

Step 5: Windows 8 computer will boot from password reset disk saved in plugged device. And Windows password reset program runs on locked Windows 8 computer.

boot windows 8 from microsoft account password reset disk

You can see all Windows 8 user accounts, including Microsoft account listed in the program.

Step 6: Select Microsoft account, and click Reset Password button.

reset windows 8 microsoft account forgotten password

Step 7: Reboot Windows 8 computer and login Windows 8 with Microsoft account and its new password.

Note: Before successfully reboot, please remember to eject password reset disk. Otherwise, password reset procedure will run again for you to reset Windows 8 password.

reboot windows 8 with microsoft account after password reset

Of course, when you have local account for Windows 8 logon, it is allowed to reset Windows 8 local user and admin password just like Windows 8 microsoft account. And now you can sign in Windows 8 computer with local user account. But some services connected to Microsoft account would not be available on Windows 8 computer, such as Windows Store, Windows Phone device, Xbox video game systems, Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail.com), Skype, Office 365, Skydrive etc.

Important tips: When both Windows 8/8.1 local account and Microsoft account password forgot, Windows Password Genius Advanced would be the best choice for you to reset forgotten password at the same time.

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