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2 Steps to Change Cursor Blink Rate in Windows 8/8.1

Some users complain that the cursor blinks too fast (or slow) in their computers, while other people would like to know how to speed up (or slow down) the cursor blink rate. To meet the two opposite needs, the method to change cursor blink rate must be mastered. And this text will tell you how to realize it with only two steps.

Video guide on how to change cursor blink rate in Windows 8:

2 steps to change cursor blink rate in Windows 8/8.1:

Step 1: Access Keyboard Properties.

Open Search panel by Windows+F hotkeys, type cursor blink rate in the box, choose Settings and click Change cursor blink rate (or Keyboard) in the results.

Step 2: Change the cursor blink rate in Speed settings.

Under "Cursor blink rate" settings, move the scale to the left to slow down cursor blink rate, or move it to the right to speed up cursor blink rate, and then tap OK.

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