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4 Ways to Create A Sound Recorder Shortcut in Windows 8

How many methods can you find to create a shortcut for Sound Recorder on the desktop in Windows 8 computer? In this article, four ways are clearly summarized and illustrated for your information.

Video guide on how to create a Sound Recorder shortcut on Windows 8 desktop:

4 ways to create a Sound Recorder shortcut in Windows 8/8.1:

Way 1: Manually create Sound Recorder shortcut on the desktop.

Step 1: Right-click the desktop, open New on the context menu and choose Shortcut.

Step 2: In the Create Shortcut window, enter the following location of Sound Recorder in the empty box and tap Next.


Step 3: Click Finish to have the shortcut created.

With this method, the Sound Recorder shortcut pointed out in the following screen shot will be successfully created.

Way 2: Copy and paste the Sound Recorder shortcut.

Step 1: Go to show the hidden items in the computer.

Step 2: Find the Sound Recorder shortcut in the Computer folder.

In more detail, you can locate it with the help of the following path.

Computer/Local Disk (C:)/Program Data/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/Windows Accessories/Sound Recorder

Step 3: Copy the shortcut and paste it to the desktop.

Way 3: Pin the Sound Recorder app to the desktop taskbar.

BTW, in How to Pin A Program to Taskbar in Windows 8/8.1, you can learn how to realize this method.

Way 4: Create a BAT file for Sound Recorder on the desktop.

Tip: The BAT file can also be used to open the Sound Recorder. Yet, the only inconvenience of using this file to open the program is that the Command Prompt will show up.

Step 1: Open a new text document on the desktop.

Step 2: Type soundrecorder in the text document.

Note: There is no space between "sound" and "recorder".

Step 3: Name the file as Sound Recorder.bat and click Save.

By means of this method, the Sound Recorder BAT file shown in the picture below will be created.

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