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Change Character Repeat Rate on Windows 8/8.1

The character repeat rate determines how fast the same character will continually appear when you hold down a key on keyboard, and you can decelerate or accelerate it according to specific circumstance, following the three steps illustrated in the article.

Video guide on how to change character repeat rate on Windows 8:

Steps to change character repeat rate on Windows 8/8.1:

Step 1: Access Control Panel.

Step 2: Type keyboard in the top-right search box, and click Keyboard in the results to open Keyboard Properties.

Step 3: In "Character repeat" settings, under "Repeat rate", move the scale to the left to slow down the rate, or move it to the right to speed the rate up.

As shown in the screen shot below, you can test the character repeat rate by clicking and holding down a key in the empty box.

Do you find these three steps helpful in changing character repeat rate on your PC?

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