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How to Change Language on Windows 8

If you would like to change language on Windows 8 computer, you can do it by changing input methods. For more information, you can continue reading this text and learn the way by yourself.

Video guide on how to change language on Windows 8:

Steps to change language on Windows 8/8.1 computer:

Step 1: Open Control Panel.

FYI, in the article titled Three Ways to Access Control Panel, you can study how to open Control Panel with efficiency.

Step 2: Under Clock, Language, and Region, select Change input methods to go on, as shown in the screen shot below.

Step 3: In the Language window, choose Advanced settings in the left list.

Step 4: As Advanced settings interface pops up, under Override for Windows display language, click the pull-down arrow on the right and select a language in the list. Then, under Override for default input method, tap the arrow on the right and choose a default input method in the pull-down list. Finally, tap Save button to save the changes to the settings.

Briefly speaking, only with the above 4 simple procedures, you can change language on your Windows 8/8.1 computer at a high speed. Now, you can have a real try without hesitation.

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