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How to Change Text and Background Color in CMD

If you once used Command Prompt to make some operations on your computer, you would know that the original text and background color in it is a black-and-white combination (see the following picture). By the way, do you like the color matching? If your answer is negative, the good news for you is that you are able to change text and background color on cmd. For your information, this text is going to illustrate the practical way with logical steps as well as clear pictures.

Video guide on how to change text and background color in cmd on Windows 8:

Steps to change text and background color in cmd:

Step 1: Open the Command Prompt window.

Step 2: Get to Command Prompt Properties.

At the top of Command Prompt window, right-click the title bar and select Properties in the list, as exhibited in the following picture.

Step 3: Set text color.

As the Properties window turns up, click Colors, select Screen Text, choose a color from the color list for choice and tap OK to ascertain the text color. For explicit illustration, please refer to the photo below.

Tips: Up till now, the text color in cmd has been successfully changed. Furthermore, if you want to alter text and background color at the same time, you can move to Step 4 before you click OK.

Step 4: Set background color.

In Colors, choose Screen Background, select a color in the color list and tap OK, as shown in the following screenshot.

Soon, the color of text and background is changed to the chosen color.

Besides, you can also change the color of Popup Text and Popup Background in the Command Prompt Properties window to achieve the same goal.

After reading the above content, you are capable of changing the color of text and background in cmd without other people's help.

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