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Clear Personal Info from My Tiles in Windows 8/8.1

The tiles on the Windows 8 Metro Interface are not only useful in assisting customers to quickly access some apps, but also in showing the real-time dynamic news. Yet, judged from another perspective, they also reveal personal information to some degree. In consequence, the method to clear personal info from tiles arouses great attention among users. And this article will illustrate the concrete way step by step.

Video guide on how to clear personal info from my tiles in Windows 8:

Steps to clear personal info from my tiles in Windows 8/8.1 computer:

Step 1: Open the Settings panel.

On the Metro Interface (also known as Start screen), move the mouse pointer to the top or bottom right corner to open the Charms Menu, and then click Settings on it.

Tips: If it is a tablet, you can slide the screen from the right edge to the left and the Charms Menu will show up.

Step 2: Enter Tiles settings from Settings panel.

On the Settings panel, select Tiles to continue.

Step 3: Clear personal information from Tiles settings.

After opening Tiles settings, under the item of Clear personal info from my tiles, tap Clear button.

In no time, the prompt of successful clearance appears. That is, the notice of "Done!" appears beside the Clear button.

Tips: If you also want to clear the history of tile notifications, you can refer to How to Clear History of Tile Notifications in Windows 8.

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