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Create A Computer Management Shortcut on Desktop

In Computer Management, you can go to create a new hard disk, change the built-in Administrator account name and so forth. If you are wondering which method is the most efficient way to open it, you can follow the steps below to create a Computer Management shortcut on the desktop and use it to realize your goal at an extremely fast speed.

Video guide on how to create a Computer Management shortcut on desktop in Windows 8:

Steps to create a Computer Management shortcut on desktop:

Step 1: Open Notepad.

Turn on the Run dialog with Windows key+R, enter notepad in the empty box and click OK to finish this procedure.

Step 2: Type the run command of Computer Management in Notepad.

In detail, input compmgmt.msc in the opened Notepad.

Step 3: Save the document as ".bat" file.

To complete this step, you can follow the two procedures below.

1. In the Notepad, click the File tab on the top left corner and choose Save As to continue.

2. When the Save As window appears, rename the file, add ".bat" (without double quotation marks) to the end of the name and click Save to create the shortcut.

After finishing the three steps above, the Computer Management shortcut will successfully show up on the desktop in your PC.

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