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How to Create A Registry Editor Shortcut on Windows 8/8.1 Desktop

"Hi, there. I use the Registry Editor very often and I'm fed up with opening it again and again by the run command (i.e. regedit), so I'd like to know how to create a shortcut for it. Waiting for your positive reply."

Actually, 2 methods enable you to create a Registry Editor shortcut on the desktop in your computer, and this article will illustrate them by taking Windows 8 for example.

Video guide on how to create a Registry Editor shortcut on Windows 8 desktop:

2 ways to create a Registry Editor shortcut on Windows 8/8.1 desktop:

Way 1: Directly create a shortcut for Registry Editor.

Step 1: Right-tap the blank space on the desktop, click New in the menu and select Shortcut to continue.

Step 2: In the Create Shortcut window, tap Browse button to locate the Registry Editor program (i.e. regedit) and then tap OK.

Tip: You can find the program according to the path of Computer/Local Disk (C:)/Windows/regedit.

Step 3: Choose Next to move on.

Step 4: Rename the shortcut and click Finish.

Instantly, you'll find that the Registry Editor shortcut is created on the desktop.

Way 2: Create a BAT file for Registry Editor as its shortcut.

Step 1: Create a new text document on the desktop.

More specifically speaking, right-click any blank area on the desktop, choose New in the context menu and select Text Document in the sub-list.

Step 2: Input command in the text document.

Open the new text document, and type regedit in it.

Step 3: Rename and save the document.

Sub-step 1: Click File option on the menu bar and select Save As to continue.

Sub-step 2: Rename the file as Registry Editor.bat, choose All Files as the file type and tap Save.

Note: The file extension name must be ".bat".

After these three steps, the Registry Editor shortcut is immediately shown on the desktop.

Tips: If you want to stop other people from accessing Registry Editor in your PC, you can refer to Prevent Access to Registry Editor in Windows 8/8.1.

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