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Cursor Thickness-How to Change It in Windows 8

Some users find that it is difficult for them to seek out the cursor (as exhibited in the following pic.) in the document or other places in their Windows 8 computers, and are searching for a solution to make it easier for them to see. As a consequence, this article will introduce how to make it obvious by increasing its thickness.

Steps to change cursor thickness in Windows 8 computer:

Step 1: Open Ease of Access Center with Windows+U hotkeys.

Step 2: Locate and click Make the computer easier to see in the Ease of Access Center.

Step 3: In the window of Make the computer easier to see, find and tap the number button (i.e. the button with 1 on it) beside "Set the thickness of the blinking cursor".

Step 4: Select another number from the drop-down list.

Tips: The larger the value of number is, the thicker the blinking cursor will be. Meanwhile, you can preview the cursor thickness in the box beside the number button, as shown in the screen shot below.

Step 5: Click OK to carry the modification into effect.

In one word, if you encounter a similar problem as the one described at the first beginning, you can follow the above steps to change cursor thickness in your PC.


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