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How to Delete Cookies in Windows 8/8.1

There are two ways you can use to delete cookies in your Windows 8/8.1 PC. Keep on reading and you'll find what they are.

2 methods to delete cookies in Windows 8/8.1:

Method 1: Delete cookies through the setting named "Delete cookies or temporary files".

Step 1: Press Windows Key+F to open the Search bar, enter cookies in the empty box, select Settings and click Delete cookies or temporary files on the result page.

Step 2: As the Internet Properties window opens, check the box before Delete browsing history on exit and tap Delete button.

Tip: You can also open the Internet Properties window through Internet Explorer. That is, open Tools on the Menu Bar and choose Internet options in the drop-down list. Besides, if the Menu Bar is missing, you can press F10 to display it.

Step 3: Check the box before Cookies and website data and click Delete to confirm deleting cookies.

Method 2: Delete cookies through deleting browsing history.

Step 1: Open IE, click Tools on the Menu Bar and select Delete browsing history.

Step 2: In the Delete Browsing History window, choose Cookies and website data and click Delete.

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