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How to Go to PC Settings in Windows 8 Computer

In PC settings of Windows 8 computer, you are capable of making changes to computer settings such as changing user password, removing user password, creating a picture password, adding a user, adding a device, updating windows system, etc. And this article will introduce three ways to go to PC settings in Windows 8 computer to you.

Video guide on how to go to PC settings in Windows 8:

3 methods to go to PC settings on Windows 8 computer:

Way 1: Go to PC settings through Search bar.

Step 1: Press WIN key (Windows logo key) and F key at the same time to open Search bar.

Step 2: Select Settings in the Search menu.

Step 3: Input pc settings in the empty search box and choose Change PC settings on the left.

Way 2: Go to PC settings from Settings panel.

Step 1: Press the composite key of WIN key+I to enter Settings panel.

Step 2: Click Change PC settings at the bottom.

Way 3: Go to PC settings from Start menu.

Tap the user icon on the top right corner and select Change account picture. Then you can go to PC settings instantly.

As you can see from the above, from way 1 to way 3, the complexity degree is decreased gradually. What's more, all of them can assist you to efficiently enter PC settings in Windows 8 computer.

Tips: You can prevent accessing PC settings by applying the method introduced in Prohibit Access to Control Panel and PC Settings in Windows 8/8.1.

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