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How to Delete Windows 8 User Account

Suppose you think that it is needless to have many user accounts in your computer, you can delete some unnecessary users in the computer. However, do you know how to delete them? For your better reference, this article will take deleting Windows 8 user account as example and show you how to make it according to the clear steps in the following.

Video guide on how to delete user account on Windows 8:

Tips: If you want to add a new account, see How to Add A User Account on Windows 8.

Steps to delete Windows 8 user account:

Step 1: In the Start menu of Windows 8, click Desktop icon on the left.

Step 2: In the desktop, tap the folder icon on the bottom left corner. When the folder opens, choose Desktop on the left and double click Control Panel on the right to enter it. Please refer to the three red boxes in the screen shot below.

Step 3: Select User Accounts and Family Safety in the Control Panel.

Step 4: Choose Remove user accounts under User Accounts, as the following photo shows.

Step 5: Select a user account you would like to delete in the following screen.

Step 6: Click Delete the account on the left of the user icon.

Step 7: Select Delete Files or Keep Files.

In more detail, if you want to save the documents, favorites, music, videos, pictures and some other things of the user account, you can click Keep Files to save them in the desktop of your computer. If you do not want to save them, just tap Delete Files to move on.

Step 8: Select Delete Account button in the next interface.

As you can see from the following picture, the selected user account is deleted successfully.

In short, the way to delete Windows 8 user account is not difficult at all. Nevertheless, if you just read this article and do not put the steps into practice, you will not make any progress. Consequently, follow the steps to delete a user account in your Windows 8 computer and you will keep them firmly in your mind without any doubt.

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