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How to Run Windows 8 Computer in Safe Mode

If there is something wrong with your computer, what can you do? Perhaps you can run your PC in safe mode to find out the problem and repair it. At this moment, you may wonder how to run computer in safe mode. Just keep reading this article and you will find the solution.

Steps to run Windows 8 computer in safe mode:

Step 1: Open Quick Access Menu and select Command Prompt (Admin) in it.

As for how to open the Quick Access Menu, you can press WIN key (i.e. Windows logo key) and X key at the same time to enable it.

Step 2: Choose Yes in the User Account Control dialog box.

Step 3: As the Administrator Command Prompt window appears, input the following command and click Enter.

bcdedit /enum /v

Step 4: Type the information below and press Space on the keyboard.

bcdedit /copy

Attention: Do not press Enter after typing the information, because it is only part of a command.

Step 5: Add other information to complete the command.

This step is further illustrated by the 4 procedures below.

1. Right-click any place in the window and choose Mark in the context menu.

2. Select the identifier of Windows Boot Loader and tap Enter to copy it.

3. Right-click a place in the window again and select Paste to add the identifier to the command.

4. Complete the command by adding the following information and press Enter.

/d "Windows 8 (Safe Mode)"

Step 6: Close Administrator Command Prompt window by taping the close button on the top right corner.

Step 7: Restart the computer.

Step 8: When the Choose an operating system interface shows up, select Windows 8 (Safe Mode).

Step 9: Open Quick Access Menu and select Run in it.

Step 10: Type msconfig in the empty run box and select OK.

Step 11: In the System Configuration window, choose Boot, select Windows 8 (safe mode), check the box before Safe boot and click OK, as exhibited in the screen shot below.

Step 12: Select Restart to reboot the computer.

To sum up, following the above steps, you can definitely make your Windows 8 computer run in safe mode.

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