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How to Turn on and Turn off Filter Keys in Windows 8

"The keyboard driver works normally, but it takes a few seconds for the keys I typed to show up on the computer. What's the problem? Can anybody tell me the exact reason?"

In this case, the reason is probably related to the setting of Filter Keys. That is, the Filter Keys may be turned on by chance, which slows down brief or repeated keystrokes. Correspondingly, to solve the problem, the Filter Keys should be turned off. And this article will illustrate how to turn it on and off in Windows 8 computer.

Part 1: Two ways to turn on Filter keys in Windows 8

Way 1: Use the right Shift key on keyboard

Press the right Shift key for 8 seconds (or more than 8 seconds) to open the Filter Keys dialog box, and select Yes to turn it on.

Way 2: Through Ease of Access Center

Step 1: Hold down Windows Logo Key and U key at the same time to access Ease of Access Center, and choose Make the keyboard easier to use in it.

Step 2: In the next window, check the box before Turn on Filter Keys and click OK.

Tips: If you want to customize the settings of Filter Keys after turning it on, you can refer to Set up Filter Keys in Windows 8/8.1.

Part 2: Two methods to turn off Filter Keys

Method 1: Turn it off with the help of the Filter Keys icon on taskbar

Step 1: Double-click the Filter Keys icon on the desktop taskbar.

Step 2: In the Set up Filter Keys window, deselect Turn on Filter Keys and tap OK.

Method 2: Turn it off through Ease of Access Center.

Step 1: Go to Ease of Access Center and open Make the keyboard easier to use.

Step 2: Unselect Turn on Filter Keys and click OK.

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