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How to Turn On and Turn Off Magnifier in Windows 8/8.1 Computer

If you feel that it is hard for you to clearly see the applications and other contents displayed on your Windows 8 computer, you can turn on the Magnifier to settle the problem. To learn more about how to turn on and turn off Magnifier on Windows 8/8.1 desktop or tablet, you can go on reading this article.

Video guide on how to turn on and turn off Magnifier:

1. Five ways to turn on Magnifier in Windows 8 computer

Way 1: Directly turn on Magnifier by composite key.

Press WIN key (Windows logo key) and Plus key (+) to turn it on immediately.

Way 2: Turn it on in Ease of Access Center.

Use the composite key of WIN key+U to open Ease of Access Center, and select Start Magnifier in it.

Way 3: Use Run command to turn on Magnifier.

Open Run dialog box with the composite key of WIN key+R, type magnify in the empty box and tap OK.

Way 4: Turn it on in Apps list.

Step 1: Right-click any icon or blank space on the Start menu, and select All apps on the lower right corner to enter the Apps list.

Step 2: Find Magnify in the list and tap it.

Way 5: Turn on Magnifier through Search.

Step 1: Press WIN key and F key to open Search bar.

Step 2: Select Apps in the Search bar, type magnify in the empty box and choose Magnify in the search results, as shown in the following screenshot.

2. Method to turn off Magnifier in Windows 8 computer.

Simultaneously press WIN key and Esc key to turn it off instantly.

After practicing, you will find that the above methods really work.

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