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Five Ways to Lock Screen and Encrypt Huawei Android

Besides Pattern/PIN/Password to lock screen, there are more effective ways to lock and encrypt Huawei Android phone.

But, it is worth mentioning that Pattern/PIN/Password and Encrypt phone work the same on Google and Huawei Android phone. So in this article, we just mainly introduce how to lock Huawei Android with its special and high-tech ways.

Refer to: 3 Ways to Lock and Encrypt Google Android Phone

Way 1: Lock Huawei Android Screen with Face

Step 1: Choose Settings > Security. Click Screen lock under Screen security.

choose screen lock on Huawei Android

Step 2: Select Face Unlock in screen lock list. Click Set it up if you are sure to secure Huawei Android with your face, when a screen pops up and tells you how Face Unlock is less secure than PIN, pattern, or password.

set up face lock Huawei Android

Step 3: Hold the phone at eye level and click Continue to put your face in picture window.

pick your face as screen lock

Click Continue and follow wizard to finish locking your phone with your face. Then you would see "Secured with Face" in Screen lock.

Way 2: Lock SIM Card with PIN Code

Step 1: Choose Settings > Security. Click Set Card 1 lock under Card lock.

Step 2: When you see Lock SIM card is off, turn it on and type a PIN. Click OK to make PIN available to use phone.

lock SIM card with PIN

unlock SIM card when remember PIN code

Above Android settings just mainly help to lock screen. But if the android phone is unlocked, how can we protect the files or folders security on Android?

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