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How to Compare Two Word Documents for Difference

When you want to see the changes in current Word document different from original one, I think you would compare them in Microsoft Word to find the difference. Now the article assumes that you have an original version of a document and at least one other changed version that you want to compare against the […]

How to Enable, Create and Delete Macros in MS Excel 2010/2007

Macro is not only usually used in Word, but also used in MS Excel widely, because of different kinds of operations repeatedly on table data. However, Macro is not available by default in all Excel workbooks for security. So sometimes before enabling, creating or deleting macros in excel, we need to do something first. Part […]

How to Delete or Remove Macros from Word 2007 and 2010 Document

How do I delete macros from template in Microsoft Word 2010? How could I remove macros from Word 2007 document? Actually, these two questions are the same topic, delete or remove macros from word document. If you also have any doubts about it, please go on to follow the article. Part 1: How to delete […]

How to Create Macros in MS Word 2010 and Run in New Document

A macro is a shortcut to something you do a lot. It saves time on tasks you do often, but it asks for bundling the steps into a macro. So first we need to record or create the macro. Then we can run the macro by clicking a button or pressing a combination of keys. […]

How to Change Default Template in Word 2007/2010

Word template surely brings users convenience when they prepare to create a new Word document. All the settings of default template can be used to new document just with one click. Not only convenient, but also time-saving it is for MS Word users to create new Word document based on template. However, if you want […]

How to Set, Manage or Remove User-Level Security from MDB File in Access 2010

Once user-level security referred, we should know it is available only in *.mdb file, which is created usually by Access 2000/2003. However, the popular Access version most of us use now is Access 2007, 2010 or 2013. All of them create *.accdb file, so whether user-level security could be managed for MDB database when it […]

How to Backup Access Database and Restore Data or Objects

In order to protect Access data, not only encrypt access database, backup Access database also becomes important for Microsoft Access users. So that when data or objects in access database are changed or lost, corrupted or missing, or database design is changed, they can be restored completely. See how to backup and restore access database? […]

How to Set Security Level in MS Access 2010 with Security Features

Not like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook protection, Access database security is more complex, because Access database is a set of objects – tables, forms, queries, macros, reports, and so on – that often depend on each other to function. Referring to Access database protection, probably you have heard user-level security. But unfortunately it […]

How to Open and Edit MDB File without Microsoft Access

If there isn’t any accident, MDB file should be opened and edited in Microsoft Access. However, you cannot make sure Microsoft Access has been installed on your computer, when you get a MDB file or ACCDB file from others. So it would be important now to look for another way to open and edit MDB […]

MDB/ACCDB Password Recovery after Password Forgot or Lost

When you forgot MDB password, or lost ACCDB password, what do you think for MDB/ACCDB password recovery? As Access database file, MDB or ACCDB saves important things you created in Microsoft Access. If you cannot recover Access database password for MDB or ACCDB, or find out lost or forgotten password for database, it will be […]

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