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3 Ways to Create Access 2007-2013 Database

Microsoft Access is undoubtedly easy for both personal user and enterprise to create a database for saving important and systematic data. So now in this article, three ways are summarized and shared to create Access database in Microsoft Access 2007/2010/2013. If you have any questions about access database creation, please follow the literal statement and […]

How to Unprotect Excel Worksheet 2010 without Password

I am trying my best to make Excel worksheet editable, but password which protects sheet always cannot be found. How can I unprotect excel worksheet 2010 at this moment I don’t know the password? Because of password protecting excel worksheet, we are unable to edit cells or data in excel worksheet as we like. So […]

How to Unlock Word Document 2013 without Password

Password is surely so effective to lock important Word document in perspective of security. But now no password is useful for opening my password protected Word 2013 document. However, I have to access it to look for information, how can I unlock Word document without password? At this moment, maybe there are several password recovery […]

How to Change Exchange Password in Outlook 2010

As is known, exchange account could be created in Outlook by connecting to Exchange server. But how to change exchange account password in outlook 2010 after outlook file password forgot? Now the following is intended to introduce how to change exchange password in Outlook 2010. Summary: Get Outlook Password Genius to recover Outlook forgotten password. […]

How to Setup and Delete E-mail Account in Outlook 2010

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 could manage different kinds of e-mail accounts together conveniently. Every e-mail account in Outlook could have its PST file, which includes emails, contacts, task and schedule etc. Therefore, add all your e-mail accounts to Outlook and manage them at the same time would make E-mail account management convenient for you. So […]

How to Open Access Database without Access Privileges

There probably a time you are locked out of Access database, and have no access privileges to Access Database. How can you open this Access Database file as you will? You want to look up data in Access Database, so you need to download data from it. You have to analyze or deal with data […]

How to Set Password for MS Office Outlook 2007

It is known that Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is an useful software which can assist us to send and receive emails, manage contact information, arrange schedules, assign tasks and so on. Therefore, more and more people use the software in their life and work. Meanwhile, due to the threats of data theft and information leakage, […]

Difference Between Office Home and Business 2013 and Office Professional Plus 2013

When selecting an edition of Microsoft Office 2013, you may want to know the difference between the versions so as to choose the one suitable for yourself. Consequently, this article will describe 3 major differences between MS Office Home and Business 2013 and Office Professional Plus 2013 for your reference. 1. Price Difference Currently, in […]

Remove Password from Microsoft Word 2007 Document

When you set a password to your Microsoft Word 2007 document, you must also know the way to remove the code in case you forget it and can not open the word document anymore. Consequently, this article will detailedly describe 3 ways to remove password from Microsoft Word 2007 document. Way 1: Use “General Options” […]

How to Encrypt Word Document of Microsoft Office 2007

Do you want to encrypt some word documents of Microsoft Office 2007 which are of great importance? If your answer is yes, you can learn from this text about how to encrypt word document of Microsoft Office 2007. Generally speaking, there are two ways to make the encryption. Please refer to the following part. Way […]

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