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Office Password

Office Open XML File Creation and How to Open

Since the Microsoft Office is released, there is new file format appears. That is Office Open XML. About how to create an Office Open XML file and how to open a word 2007 XML file, they are introduced detailed in the following passage. Part 1: Create an Office Open XML File Part 2: Open a […]

Protect Office Files with Password – Set/Reset Password

Because of recent PRISM event, network security seems to be out of our control gradually. I believe most computer users are worried about their own privacy on the Internet, especially email and files transmission through the Internet. But no matter what happens, make a powerful security protection for your email or files on the Internet […]

How to Unlock Excel Sheet Free – Macro/XML

Locked out of encrypted Excel spreadsheet? Actually unlock password protected Excel sheet is not difficult if you can find password, but it is not so easy as you think if you forgot excel spreadsheet password. Now in this article, I will list two methods that could free unlock encrypted excel sheets without knowing password. They are used usually […]

How to Open Password Protected Word Document

It is smart for you to set password for Word documents in purpose of security. However, in such an era with so strong security awareness, password is more than people can imagine. So sometimes forgot Word password is a usual thing. And methods about how to open password protected word document are also becoming more […]

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