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Windows 8 Password

Locked Out of Microsoft Account Windows 8 | How to Sign in with No Internet

My dell laptop is preinstalled with Windows 8 and set login with Microsoft account. But now, I am locked out Microsoft account and there is no Internet access in my home, so how can I sign in Windows 8 again? Locked out of Microsoft account because of password forgot? If it is, something would become […]

How to Unlock HP Elitepad Tablet without Windows 8/8.1 Password

Forgot Windows 8/8.1 password on HP ElitePad tablet and locked out of it? Learn to unlock HP ElitePad tablet without password now in this article. Unlock HP ElitePad tablet with PIN code/Picture password Unlock HP ElitePad tablet by resetting local user password Unlock HP ElitePad tablet by removing local user password Unlock HP ElitePad tablet […]

How to Bypass Windows 8 Microsoft Account Password after Forgot

Forgot or lost the only Microsoft account password on Windows 8 computer? Don’t be anxious. Microsoft and Windows Password Genius could help you to easily reset it and bypass forgotten Microsoft account password to login Windows 8. Bypass Windows 8 Forgotten Microsoft Account Password on Microsoft Bypass Windows 8 Microsoft Account Password with Reset Disk […]

Windows 8 Lost Password Reset on UEFI-based Toshiba Computer

After Windows 8 login password, admin password and Microsoft account password lost on Toshiba computer pre-installed in UEFI boot mode, it seems that there is no way to access computer longer. But if it is real no way to reset windows 8 lost password? The answer is surely no. So we can find an effective […]

Windows 8 Password Recovery on Sony Laptop with UEFI BIOS

I would like to sell my Sony Vaio laptop to my friend. But it is locked so that I cannot get the content in Sony laptop to my new laptop. This Sony Vaio laptop is pre-installed in UEFI Boot mode. How can I access it to safely export files and folders from Sony Vaio laptop? […]

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How to Reset Win 8 Admin Password for Dell PC with UEFI BIOS

I have bought my grandpa a dell laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed. He changed the administrator password, but didn’t remember it and write the password down at any place. Now I have tried many ways to boot the laptop. However, they didn’t work well. How can I reset or recover forgotten win 8 password. Forgot […]

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How to Bypass Windows 8 Lost Password for UEFI-Based Acer Computer

I have lost login password on my Acer computer pre-installed with Windows 8? But unfortunately, there are no other workable administrators for logon. Whether could I bypass and how to bypass Windows 8 lost password and login UEFI-based Acer computer? In order to answer your question or solve your problem, actually you just need a […]

How to Remove Lost Windows 8 Password for UEFI-Based Samsung Laptop

Forgot Windows 8 password and locked out of Samsung laptop because no other login user available for Samsung logon? So how can we reset Windows 8 lost user password for UEFI-based Samsung laptop? Especially while Samsung laptop has been re-installed with Windows 8, traditional PC BIOS has been replaced with UEFI, Samsung computer cannot boot […]

How to Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password on HP Laptop with UEFI BIOS

How can I do if HP laptop password forgot and no user account can be used to login this laptop pre-installed in UEFI boot mode? And it is running Windows 8 64-bit operational system. While this problem occurs, we should confirm that if it is really pre-installed in UEFI boot mode and what kind of […]

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Lost Windows 8 Administrator Password on UEFI-Based Asus Computer

Lost Windows 8 administrator password and cannot login Asus computer? Is there any way that can reset lost Windows 8 admin password without Asus PC factory reset? Now this article will tell you how to choose one effective and safe way for UEFI-based Asus Windows 8 password reset, even though there have been lots of […]

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