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Windows 8 Password

Forgot Admin Password for ThinkPad Laptop with Windows 8 Pre-installed in UEFI Boot Mode

Forgot admin password for ThinkPad laptop logon, which is pre-installed with Windows 8 and UEFI boot mode? This article will guide you to reset forgotten Windows 8 admin password with Windows Password Genius for ThinkPad laptop with UEFI BIOS. If you have learned Windows Password Genius, you would know only the Advanced version could create […]

How to Reset Windows 8/8.1 Lost Password on UEFI-Based Surface PC Tablet

While Windows 8/8.1 password lost on UEFI-based Surface PC tablet, how can you reset lost password easily like on BIOS/MBR computer? Windows Password Genius would help you. Four versions have been designed to reset different kinds of operational system password. Now if you want to reset Windows 8 password for UEFI-based PC or laptop, Windows […]

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro Password Reset on Surface Tablet

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro password forgot on Surface tablet? How to reset Windows 8.1 Pro password effectively no matter you could login Surface tablet or not? Now in this passage, we will introduce two kinds of Windows 8.1 Pro password reset choices for Surface 8.1 tablet, which are summarized according to whether Surface tablet data […]

How Windows 8 Password Reset with USB Disk

If you can get a USB disk, such as USB password reset disk, or USB boot disk, that would be easy for your to reset Windows 8 password, no matter when you forgot Windows 8 password, or how complex the forgotten Windows 8 password is. If you have none of these USB disk, you still […]

Windows 8 Boots from CD Drive| How to Make It

On reading the title, you may be wondering when it is necessary to boot a computer from CD drive. Actually, when you forget the password to your PC and can not access it, you have to learn how to set it start from a CD drive so as to reset its code. Therefore, this article […]

How to Create A Password Reset Disk for Windows 8

In order to keep your computer safe, you may choose to set a password to it. Meanwhile, the password you create may be the combination of English letters, numbers, and special marks. However, what can you do when you are afraid of forgetting it or when you already forgot it? Under the circumstance, creating a […]

How to Boot Windows 8 Laptop from USB

This post shows you how to boot Windows 8 laptop from USB by simple and easy way. Because of UEFI bios, you may fail to set your laptop to boot from USB flash drive or CD. If so, you can try the following way to set your Windows 8 laptop to boot from USB drive. […]

How to Set Administrator Password on Windows 8

As time passes by, more and more computer users pay attention to their computer safety protection. And the most common way for preserving computer safety is creating a password. As for how to set administrator password on Windows 8, you can study the text about the basic 4 steps. Step 1: On the Start page, […]

How to Login Laptop after Forgot Password with Reset Disk

I have a laptop I have forgotten password. I remember I have ever created a password reset disk for login user. So how can I login my laptop with reset disk? My laptop is installed with Windows 8. First, I should congratulate you had the password reset disk, the common but effective disc for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP […]

Forgot Dell Latitude Tablet Windows 8 Password – How to Reset

Are you locked out of Dell Latitude Tablet? Do Windows 8 login password forgotten? Restore it to factory set maybe solve this problem, but it will remove all the data on your tablet at the same time. So if you are a tablet PC newbie, I recommend you the Windows Password Genius tool. Believe that […]

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