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Windows 8 Password

How to Reset Password on Acer Iconia W700 Windows 8 Tablet

Acer Iconia W700 password lost? Forgot Windows 8 tablet password? It is an issue that all of us have experienced sometimes. In this article, I will introduce an easy way for you to reset Acer Iconia tablet forgotten password. First, you need a bootable USB reset disk. If you have possessed one, just connect it […]

How to Reset Windows 8 on a Tablet

Since the Windows Surface Tablet appears, tablet has brought many changes on Windows operational system, including Windows 8. As the newest Windows OS user, maybe you have encountered different kinds of problems. However, no matter what you met, such as forgot Windows login password, the most original and the important way to reset Windows 8 […]

How to unlock Dell Vostro 5560 laptop if forgot Windows 8 password

Are you confused about this issue? I have just bought Dell Vostro 5560 laptop. When my cousin played with it, he changed my laptop login password. But a few minutes later, he forgot Windows 8 password he had set. And he didn’t write it down  for backup. In the case of Windows 8 password forgotten, […]

Bypass Windows 8 Login password – Sign in Windows automatically

How to bypass Windows 8 login password and sign in Windows 8 automatically? Even though Windows 8 password setup can help us to protect our personal data in public places, but if we are at home, it’s not necessary to enter password when start computer every time. Therefore, we could try to bypass or cancel […]

How do I find my forgotten passwords on my computer Windows 8

Forgot my Windows 8 password? How do I find my forgotten passwords on my computer Windows 8? There is only one local account, a Microsoft account, a picture password and a PIN code for my computer Windows 8. Actually, that is enough to find out forgotten Windows 8 passwords. Way One: Sign in with PIN […]

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