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HP Raid Server Password Reset – Windows Password Genius Raid

HP ProLiant raid server password lost? Maybe you are thinking about how to rebuilt server as usual when you lost Windows password. But this is not in common use for Windows raid server because it is related to so much data loss or security. However, you also still ask for help from your computer vendor or get a password program to recover the lost password. Here I will talk about HP raid server password reset with Windows Password Genius Raid.

The following steps apply to HP raid server with Windows server 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows server 2008 r2 or Windows server 2012. First, create raid password reset disk on accessible computer. Second, reset Windows raid server password on locked HP Proliant server with password reset disk. The below will introduce in detail.

Step 1: Download the full version of Windows Password Genius Raid. Install it on your accessible computer.
The installation of Windows Password Genius Raid is as easy as usual application software.

Step 2: Create a raid password reset disk with iSunshare Windows Password tool.

Next, you can exit USB or CD/DVD with reset disk to reset HP server password.

Step 3: Insert reset disk into locked HP server.

Step 4: Boot locked server from USB or CD/DVD.

Step 5: Reset HP Raid server password

While HP server starts Windows system without login screen, it shows that Windows server login password has been removed successfully.

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2 Responses to “HP Raid Server Password Reset – Windows Password Genius Raid”

  • Yoyo says:

    Thanks so much! It help me solve my server password forgotten problem quickly.

  • Tanger says:

    This method really helps to reset Windows server raid password, not only for HP raid server, but also for all types of raid server. I have to say that Windows Password Genius raid is really a password recovery tool you worth having.