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Lenovo Tablet Windows 8.1/10 Password Reset without Disk

Forgot Lenovo tablet Windows 8.1/10 password and no available reset disk?

But whether it means you cannot reset Lenovo tablet windows 8.1/10 password without disk? Surely it doesn’t, try following ways to reset Lenovo tablet password if forgotten.

Way 1: Reset Lenovo tablet password with built-in administrator.

Choose built-in administrator if it displays on login screen and log into Lenovo tablet without password. Then you could reset forgotten Lenovo tablet password with net user command on Windows 8.1/10.

net user <username> <newpassword>

reset lenovo tablet password with command

Way 2: Click “Sign-in options” to see whether there are other kinds of password available for login user, such as PIN code or Picture password. Access tablet with it and reset forgotten Windows 8.1/10 tablet password with command.

Way 3: The last is to look for an effective password recovery tool that can burn a boot disk to reset Windows 8.1/10 password for all PC, laptop, and tablet anytime.

Steps to burn boot disk to reset Lenovo tablet Windows 8.1/10 password

Step 1: Find an effective Windows password recovery tool.

If you want to find an effective windows password recovery tool for Windows 8.1/10 password tablet password reset, iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced is recommended. As long as you burn it into a bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD-ROM, you could take the disc to reset forgotten local user or domain admin password for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP or Windows server computer.

Step 2: Burn boot disk into bootable USB drive with password recovery program.

  1. Run Windows Password Genius Advanced on an accessible computer.
  2. Insert bootable USB flash drive into the computer and select USB device option on the iSunshare program.
  3. Choose inserted USB flash drive and click Begin burning button, in order to format USB drive and write iSunshare Windows password recovery program into it.
  4. Exit USB device while you successfully burn the iSunshare program as a boot disk.

burn lenovo tablet password reset boot disk

Step 3: Start Lenovo Windows 8.1/10 tablet from boot disk.

Plug USB boot disk into locked Lenovo tablet and set tablet boot from USB flash drive.

Note: If it is preinstalled with Windows 8.1/10, it is necessary to access UEFI BIOS and firstly disable Secure Boot and set BIOS Boot mode to UEFI and Legacy when you cannot see USB device listed in Boot option. Then choose USB flash drive as your first boot device for Lenovo tablet.

Save the boot changes and your Lenovo tablet would boot in WinPE where iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced runs.

start locked lenovo tablet from usb boot disk

Step 4: Reset Lenovo tablet password with boot disk.

On iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced user list, just need to select the Lenovo tablet login user you forgot password, and click Reset Password button. Then the forgotten Lenovo tablet password would be removed or reset to iSunshare@2012.

successfully reset Windows 8.1/10 forgotten password on locked lenovo tablet

Tap Reboot button now on iSunshare program to restart Lenovo tablet, and remember to exit USB boot disk before tablet successfully restarts. Then you can start Lenovo tablet from hard drive, but not USB flash drive, and login Lenovo Windows 8.1/10 tablet with the new password (iSunshare@2012) or without password.

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