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Quick Way to Reset Windows Server Password on Domain Controller

Windows Server Password reset will be not a hard thing since powerful third party Windows password recovery could recover different kinds of password, surely including domain controller domain password.

However, the third party Windows password recovery software is so much. If you want to find the quickest and effective one, I will recommend you Windows Password Genius. There are four versions for you, and Windows Password Genius Raid may be the most suitable because many servers are taken with raid array, such as Dell/HP raid server password reset.

Follows the steps below to reset Windows server password on domain controller quickly.

Step 1: Find and install  Windows Password Genius Raid on another workable computer.

If you are ready to recover Windows server password with software, just need to prepare another computer and blank and bootable USB device first. Believe these items are easy to find.

Step 2: Run the Windows password reset tool and insert prepared USB device into the accessible computer.

Until connecting the USB to accessible computer, choose the USB device as password burning disk, and click Begin burning button to create a password reset disk.

Step 3: About two or four seconds later, a message “Burning Successfully” pops up. Now, password reset USB disk has been created completely. Exit USB drive.

Step 4: Plug USB password reset disk into your Windows server computer. And set server boot from USB.

Step 5: Save the BIOS change settings, and Windows Server computer will restart from USB drive. Instantly Windows Password Genius program launches and lists all the user accounts and their password status.

Step 6: Confirm the Windows system and user account, and tap on Reset Password button to reset Windows domain controller password. Or click on “Add User” to create new admin account to domain controller.

Now, Windows Server password has been reset and you just need to reboot the server computer to login with the new password or new admin account.

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