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Gifts for Windows User Password Reset on Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop

One of my friends encounter Windows password problem on Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, but she couldn’t solve it long time later. Maybe there is a sound in her mind which are saying God helps me. So, now I pretend to be God’s errands to send her two gifts for Windows user and password reset.

The first gift is free Windows password recovery Ophcrack.

Ophcrack is the free Windows password recovery suitable for Windows 7/Vista/XP, Mac, Linux. The free software is allowed to recover your Windows password, but cannot reset Windows account. So the software still has a limitation on Windows password recovery, including Windows OS, Windows user information, password complexity.

Even though the gift is free, I still hope that it can help you to solve simple Windows password problem.

The second gift is a powerful Windows password recovery tool.

The powerful tool is Windows Password Genius that recovers all kinds of password on different kinds of computer Windows OS. With Windows Password Genius, you don’t have to worry about if Windows password can be reset or removed. This is not a declaration, actually real introduction for the Windows password recovery tool. How can it help you to reset Windows user and password? Please go on the followings.

1. Download and install it on your computer based on the wizard.

2. Create password reset disk with USB/CD device

I recommend you use USB device, convenient and applied to almost computers.

3. Set Thinkpad laptop boot from USB device

Two ways are available for boot options settings.

4. Reset Thinkpad Laptop password with reset disk

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