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Windows Server 2012 Forgot Administrator Password

Forgot administrator password on Windows Server 2012 is really a tough spot, especially there is only one administrator account for your Windows Server and many important data are still stored on it. Therefore, a question about how to reset Windows Server 2012 administrator password is put forward instantly.

In fact, you don’t have to worry about it so nervously. Password hint and reset disk can help you recover Windows server password within few minutes. Even though neither of those works, you can think about third-party free or paid software. Or if you have gotten into Windows server, Command Prompt can reset Windows password easily. Now we have supposed Windows 2012 is installed on raid server, so follow the two ways to recover Windows server 2012 forgotten administrator password.

  1. Windows Password Genius Raid: recover local and domain password
  2. Command Prompt: reset password for all Windows server 2012 accounts

One: Windows Password Genius Raid recover local and domain password

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Genius Raid on your accessible computer.

Step 2: Run it and insert USB or CD/DVD device into computer to create password reset disk.

Step 3: After password reset disk has been prepared, insert it into your locked Windows Server 2012.

Step 4: Boot Windows Server from removable device, USB drive or CD/DVD ROM.

Step 5: Reset administrator password with password reset disk.

Choose Windows system Windows Server 2012, and select account you are ready to reset its password or add a new account for Windows server.

Therefore, there are totally two ways to reset Windows server password with password reset application. One is reset password for a particular account directly, the other is to create a new administrator account first and log in into Windows server with the administrator account.

Step 6: Reboot Windows Server 2012 and log on Windows with new password or new Windows account.

Two: Command Prompt reset password for all Windows Server 2012 accounts

If you have sign into Windows server, try this method.

Step 1: Click Start, click Command Prompt.

If you don’t see the command prompt, click Run, type in: command, click OK.

Step 2: On the command prompt screen, type in: Net User <user name> <new password>

Step 3: Click Enter to run the command.

After successful message remind you of the user’s  password reset, you can log in Windows Server 2012 successfully.

Besides this command, more command prompts to manage password for Windows Server 2012 are taken for you, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a new password for Windows server 2012 user:
    Net user <user name> <new password>
  2. Remove/delete a password for a server 2012 user:
    Net user <user name> “”
    Or delete password command prompt is:
    Net user <user name> /del
  3. Change/reset password for server 2012 user:
    Net user <user name> <new password>
  4. To add a user for Windows server 2012:
    Net user <new user name> <new password> /add

As we can see, the Net User command is an effective and easy command for Windows server 2012 password management.

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