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How to Use Zoom on iPhone and iPad

The article offers detailed and practical tips to use Zoom on iPhone or iPad.

Tips to use Zoom on iPhone and iPad:

Tip 1: Turn on Zoom.

You can't use Zoom to enlarge the screen on your iPhone or iPad until you manually turn it on.

Tip 2: Enable Zoom.

Double-click three fingers on anyplace of the screen to enable the Zoom window.

Tip 3: Change the place of the Zoom window.

Click and drag any line of the window to another place.

Tip 4: Exit Zoom.

Double-tap three fingers on the screen to exit it.

Tip 5: Open the Zoom Menu.

Triple-tap three fingers on the screen to open the menu. FYI, in device with iOS 8, the options in this menu include Zoom Out/In, Full Screen Zoom, Resize Lens, Choose Filter and Show/Hide Controller.

Tip 6: Usage of Zoom menu options.

1. Zoom Out/In: Exit/enable Zoom.

2. Full Screen Zoom: Enlarge the full screen.

BTW, after opening this function, a menu pops up, with options containing Zoom Out, Windows Zoom, Choose Filter and Hide Controller.

3. Resize Lens: Change the range of the screen you want to zoom.

4. Choose Filter: Change the color of the selected screen.

In more detail, you can select an item from None, Inverted, Grayscale, Grayscale Inverted and Low Light.

5. Show Controller: Show an icon assisting you to quickly access the Zoom Menu.

6. Scale: Change the size of the screen content.

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