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How to change Windows server 2012 password?

With above ways, changing Windows server 2012 password is so easy if you can access server 2012 computer. Now we want to talk about is that if forgot Windows server 2012 password and cannot access server computer, how can we change Windows server 2012 forgotten password.

How to change my Windows server 2012 forgotten password?

This problem is described so simply that it is not easy to answer. Nobody knows whether you have other administrators or password reset disk. If you have them, just take them to directly change server 2012 password. But if you have none of them, then you can create them firstly, because they are the most two powerful and easy ways in server computer when you need to access server or change user password or do other things.

First, create administrator account.

Why? When you have administrator, you would have administrative privileges to server and could run server or all programs without restrictions.

Second, create a password reset disk.

Also you can think about creating a Windows password reset disk for server computer. Besides the common way available on accessible server, there is another powerful way that can burn a server password reset disk at anytime. We all call it Windows Password Genius. You can choose appropriate version of Windows Password Genius according to your server computer.

Windows Password Genius Advanced – General Server
Windows Password Genius Raid – Raid Server

The process to create password reset disk and change Windows server 2012 password with the Advanced version is similar to Raid version. So now suppose your server computer is not raid server, you should get Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Step 1: Get Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Search "Windows Password Genius Advanced" on the Internet, and you will find it. The trial version is only provided for you to use it to reset Windows password, but it can not create a new account.

Step 2: Run it to create a password reset disk.

create windows server password reset disk

Step 3: Take password reset USB disk to change Windows server password.

reset windows server 2012 password

Step 4: Use password reset disk to add new user.

When Windows Password Genius Advanced runs, make sure Windows system is right. Click Add User, type user name and click OK to create a new administrator.

add new user for server 2012


windows server password recovered

After finishing changing forgotten Windows server password, or creating a new user, reboot server and log into server computer with new password or new administrator. Then you can go on to change Windows server 2012 password in Control Panel or with Command Prompt.

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