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How to Reset Forgotten Password for Windows Server 2016

As the latest version of Windows server, Windows server 2016 has some kinds of similar characters with Windows 10. It offers more useful built-in features in it compared with another version of Windows server. And for that, it is widely accepted as the core system server for some server users. But for many IT administrators, some of them would suffer from forgetting the admin password of the Windows server for some reasons. What's worse, they would lose the control of the system without the password which may lead to some disasters not only for the Windows server manager but also customers who use the service offered by the server. So it is important to be able to reset the forgotten password of Windows server 2016. To help our dear IT administrators or other Windows server 2016 users, we demonstrate some ways to reset forgotten password for Windows server 2016.

  1. Way 1: Reset Windows server 2016 password using Installation disk
  2. Way 2: Reset Windows server 2016 password via computer management
  3. Way 3: Reset Windows server 2016 password through recovery tool

Way 1: Reset Windows server 2016 password using Installation disk

If you have the original Windows server installation CD-ROM or disk, you can reset the forgotten password for Windows server 2016 by following these steps.

Step 1: Start the Windows server 2016 and make it boot from Installation CD-ROM or disk.

win server 2016 setup secreen

Step 2: When the Windows server setup screen appears, press SHIFT + F10 keys at same time to open Command Prompt. Our system drive is d:\, so here we first type d: into the command prompt to navigate to that drive. You should adapt this command to your situation. Typically, we should navigate to the path Windows/System32 in system drive to find Utilman.exe. To achieve that, we can type cd windows\windows32 into the command prompt.

Then type the under command into the command prompt.

ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.original

Note: The above command is to rename the Utilman.exe to Utilman.exe.original. This is to provide a backup for Utilman.exe, this would be helpful when changing the system account.

Type the under command to the command prompt.

copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe

Note: This above command is to set the cmd.exe as the Utilman.exe. This is useful when resetting the account password or adding a new account.

Last, type the shutdown –r –t 0 into the command prompt to restart your system server.

Note: Don't forget the press Enter to execute the command after each command line.win server 2016 login commad prompt

Attention: The server should now reboot and you should unplug the installation CD-ROM or disk.

Step 3: When the login screen appears again, press Windows Key + U or click the Ease of Access button, Command Prompt will pop up. And then type net user xxx yyy into command prompt and press Enter to execute it. For example, if you want to reset the password for account administrator to be c5hB2NYF4M, you should just type net user administrator c5hB2NYF4M into the command prompt and execute it.

win server 2016 setup reset command prompt

After the operations above, you can just reboot your system and just login the server system with the account and enjoy it. Last, you would better navigate to Uitlman.exe in system drive, and delete it and change Uitlman.exe.original back to Uitlman.exe.

Way 2: Reset Windows server 2016 password via computer management

If you can login the Windows server 2016 system with one admin account. Then you have the privilege to reset other account's password. Please follow the under steps.

Step 1: When you login the system with an admin account, you can first click the start menu to find Control Panel.

win server 2016 start menu

Step 2: Type Administrative tools into the search bar located in the top right corner of the Control Panel window and click it.

find administrative in control

Step 3: Find Computer Management in the Administrative Tools window and click to open it.

computer management in administrative

Step 4: In the left panel of the Computer Management window, click the category called Local Users and Groups, then click the Users item. Here you would see all user accounts on the system, just right click the account which you want to reset the password for. Then you should just follow the prompt information to finish it.

set password for common account

Way 3: Reset Windows server 2016 password through recovery tool

If you neither have any enabled administrator nor have an interest to follow the first way, then the third way would be recommended. You should just make some easy steps and the third party windows password recovery tool would help you solve the problem effectively. Now follow me.

Step 1: Using Google to find and download iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced from its official site.

Step 2: First install and run this tool on another available computer. Then select a bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD as a media platform and plug it into the computer. Then click Begin burning.

Step 3: Connect the bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD with the target computer, and make the target computer boot from it, you can refer to some useful information if you like by following the under links.

Step 4: When the tool user interface appears on the target computer, then you should see the account you want to reset a password for. Choose that account and click Reset Password in the bottom of the interface to reset the password.

set new password for account

Note: It is important to remind you of that to meet the Windows server 2016 account policy, the new password would be set to end with @xxx by default. So here the tool would automatically set the new password to be iSunshare@2016.

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