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Reset Admin Password on Windows Storage Server 2012(R2) Raid

If forgot administrator password on Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, how to reset? It is a raid server which saves so much important data. Therefore, even though there have been many ways introduced on Internet and available to reset Windows server password, they still could not be used randomly before the security is confirmed.

This above may be one of problems that we are worried about. Therefore in this passage, effective and safe ways will be introduced to reset local and domain administrator password on storage server 2012 r2 raid.

  1. Reset Local Administrator Password with DaRT
  2. Reset Domain Administrator Password with Tool

Way 1: Reset Windows Server Administrator Password with DaRT

The Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT), is a core component of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack for Software Assurance. There is one toolkit Locksmith in DaRT, which can reset local administrator password without accessing storage server raid.

For different Windows server and Windows operational system versions, there are different versions of DaRT available. Now get newest version DaRT 8.1 for Windows storage server 2012 r2, and install DaRT, and then create recovery image with DaRT.  Follow below detailed operation steps to go on.

Step 1: Insert recovery image created with DaRT into server computer, and click Yes in dialog box netstart:

start network connectivity

Step 2: Selection options in dialog box System Recovery Options.

In the dialog box System Recovery Options:

select dart

Step 3: Click Locksmith in window Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset.

select locksmith in dart

Step 4: In the dialog box Locksmith Wizard 

reset storage server raid admin password with locksmith

Step 5: Click Finish to close the wizard in the dialog box Completing the Locksmith Wizard.

finish locksmith wizard

Step 6: In the window Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset, click the Close button to close dialog box and System Recovery Options, and then click Restart.

Step 7: Eject recovery image drive from Windows storage server raid and wait for Windows to load and log on with local administrator account using the new password set just now.

Way 2: Reset Windows Storage Server Administrator Password with Tool

Among so many Windows password recovery tools, Windows Password Genius Raid version is one tool deserved for Windows storage server 2012 (R2) admin password reset. Easy-to-use, effective, and safe make it become popular in Windows raid server password reset.

If you want to have a try, you have to get Windows Password Genius Raid full version.

Step 1:  After install Windows Password Genius Raid on another available computer, insert prepared bootable USB drive or CD/DVD ROM into computer.

Step 2:  Run Windows Password Genius Raid and choose USB device or CD/DVD to create password reset disk.

The password reset disk could reset administrator password and add new admin account for all versions of Windows server and Windows operational systems.

Step 3:  Plug password reset disk into Windows storage server raid, and boot server from password reset disk.

run windows password genius raid program

Step 4:  Confirm Windows server system, and select administrator. Click Reset Password to set default password "iSunshare@2012" for domain administrator or local administrator.

Also, you could add new administrator for storage server raid to login. Click Add User and type in user name, and click "OK".

reset windows storage server 2012 r2 password

Step 5: Click "Reboot" button, remove password reset disk and wait for Windows storage server 2012 R2 to restart.

On Windows logon screen, you could access storage server raid with new password now or new administrator account.

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