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Windows Home Server Forgot Administrator Password - How to Reset

Windows Home Server administrator password forgot, how to reset?

windows home server forgot administrator password

There are two kinds of administrator accounts, built-in administrator and user account with admin privileges for Windows Home Server. Admin accounts are usually created after Windows Home Server installation to manage the home server.

So we should take different measures for different administrator accounts.

Option 1: Reset Windows Home Server Administrator Password with Admin Account

Step 1: Click Windows Home Start button and select Home Server Console. Double click User Accounts to open the list of users. Click "OK" if a pop-up warning prompts you to change user accounts.

Step 2: Click the "User Accounts" button at the top. Double-click administrator account in the list of users.

This should be an account that you created with admin privileges or the main administrator account that was set up when you installed home server.

Step 3: Type a new password into text boxes. Then type it again to confirm.

Step 4: Click "OK" to save the settings and store new password. This new password should be used to access administrator account in the future.

But if there is really no any other available administrator including built-in administrator, the above will not effectively reset Windows Home Server admin password. Maybe you think of cracking password with free third-party password recovery software, but it is probably unsafe. So how to do?

This passage will recommend one safe and effective Windows password recovery software, Windows Password Genius Advanced. If Windows Home Server is not raid server, Windows Password Genius Advanced is OK. If it is, get Windows Password Genius Raid full version please.

Option 2: Reset Windows Home Server Administrator Password with Safe Password Recovery Software

Step 1: Get Windows Password Genius Raid Full Version. And find an available computer to install it.

Step 2: Make a Windows Home Server password reset disk.

Prepare bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD ROM. Double-click Windows password recovery software to run it. And then insert USB drive or CD-ROM into this computer. Choose media device inserted into computer just now and click Begin burning.

create windows home server password reset disk

When a message pops up prompting that successfully burning, exit Windows Home Server password reset disk and be ready for Windows Home Server administrator password reset.

Step 3: Plug password reset disk into Windows Home Server computer. And boot it from USB drive or CD-ROM.

Step 4: Reset Windows Home Server forgotten administrator password.

As soon as Windows Home Server boots from password reset disk successfully, Windows Password Genius Raid program runs with Windows password reset screen. Make sure Windows system and select the administrator account from list of users. And then click Reset Password and "OK" to set a new password for administrator.

reset windows home server administrator password

Eject password reset disk and Reboot Windows Home Server. Take administrator and new password to login into home server computer.

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