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Office Password Genius GPU acceleration

What is GPU acceleration?

  • GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) is the processor unit that specializes in dealing graphics operations in the graphics card. The integrated computing capabilities of GPU in middle & high-end graphics cards are dozens or hundreds of times more powerful than that of GPU in the ordinary computer. By making full use of powerful computing capabilities in the NVIDIA CUPA and AMD OpenGL technology, we developed our password recovery acceleration technology. As a result, the recovery speed of our GPU is dozens or hundreds of times higher than that of GPU in the same price.

What is Smart Recovery Algorithm.

  • According to the data analysis, we classify the characters into several categories:
    Category A: it is very likely to find the password there.
    Category B: Perhaps the password is in it.
    Category C: The possibility of the password in it is very low.
  • In Smart Recovery Algorithm, it will process firstly Category A, later Category B and finally Category C. For example, if the strings in the dictionary comes with the program contain the password, the Smart Recovery Algorithm will try to find the password in the dictionary at first and then try other strings. Therefore, for finding commonly used passwords, the Smart Recovery Algorithm will be much faster than Normal method. The password that costs a few days to find in Normal method may be found in a few hours by using Smart Recovery Algorithm.
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