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How to Create NFS Sharing in Windows Server 2012

NFS is the most common mechanism of sharing network. Support computer users access files in server computer, and support folders sharing between different computers which have different hard disk and operating systems. What’s more, it is independent and has nothing to do with operating systems.

Now, take Windows server 2012 as example, let’s create NFS sharing to share folders between different computers.

Step 1: In Server Manager, select “Add roles and features”.

manage windows server 2012 roles and features

Step 2: In Add Roles and Features Wizard screen, make sure destination server, the role and features of network and preparation for installation. Click “Next”.

confirm destination server

Step 3: In Server Roles, select one or more appropriate roles to install in this server. Unfold “File And Storage Services” and select “File Server”, “File Server Resource Manager” and “Server for NFS”. Click Next to go on.

choose NFS server and File Server roles

Step 4: Confirm installation selections and click “Install” button on screen. Wait for few seconds to install features what we have selected. Close “Add Roles and Features Wizard” after successfully install these features.

install server 2012 NFS sharing roles

Step 5: In Server Manager Dashboard, select File and Storage Services.

select file and storage services in server 2012

Step 6: After successfully install NFS, create a NFS sharing. Choose Shares first, and select “New share” to create new file sharing. And “New Share Wizard” pops up.

create new share in Windows server 2012

Step 7: Select file share type, NFS Share – Quick or NFS Share – Advanced.

create windows server 2012 NFS sharing

Step 8: Select Share Location.
Select a volume to prepare “Share location”. The location of the file share will be a new folder in the \Shares directory on the selected volume. Click Next.

select NFS sharing location

Step 9: Specify share name.
Type “Share name” and set “Local path to share”. Click Next.

specify NFS share name

Step 10: Specify the authentication methods that you want to use for this NFS share. Now we want to provide permissions to access files for everyone. So choose “Allow anonymous access”.

specify NFS authentication method

Step 11: Specify the share permissions.
Provide NFS sharing permissions for host, client computers and network. And choose access privileges and speech encoding for shares.

specify NFS share permissions

Step 12: In “Specify permissions to control access” window, choose “Folder permissions” or “Customize permissions”. Click Next.

control NFS access permissions

Step 13: Specify folder management properties. Click Next.

specify share folder management properties

Step 14: Choose “Do not apply a quota” or “Apply a quota based on the template”. Click Next.

quota settings for NFS sharing

Step 15: Confirm shares settings and click “Create”.

create windows 2012 NFS sharing

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